Winnipeg Assembly of Yahweh
Basic Bible Doctrines
Study to Show Yourself Approved Unto Yahweh...
How Can I Prove That God (Yahweh) Exists?
How Do I Receive the Messiah?
What is the Nature of Elohim (God)?
Is the Correct Pronunciation Known?   
The Mystery of ha-satan Decoded! The Evolution of the Personification of Evil
Subjects for the Mature Believer in Messiah
Why You Were Born.
The Biblical Day of Worship
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Should Christian's Frequent Restaurants on the Sabbath?
Should Christian's Date and Marry Unbelievers?
Yahweh's Soon-Coming World Government or Heaven?
Baptism for the Dead - Is it Scriptural or Pagan?
Bible Baptism - Why Believers Should Be Baptized
Teaching and Preaching the Uncompromised Word of Yahweh
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What Does Yahweh's Word Say about the State of the Dead?
Do You Have an Immortal Soul? - The Rich Man and Lazarus Revealed!
Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions about Sunday
How Long Was Yeshua Messiah in the Tomb?
Yahweh's Holy Days
Traditional Holy Days (Holidays)
17 Proofs Why Passover is Nisan (Abib) 15
A New Look at the Passover Question
When Does the Biblical New Year Begin?
The Passover Controversy Resurrected
Spring: Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread & Pentecost
Should Christians Celebrate "Christmas"?
The Greatest Story Never Told
What Kind of Christmas Memories Does God Have? Watch This Eye-opening Video to find out!
A Christmas Poem
Heraldic Emblems Prove America is Ephraim and Great Britain is Manasseh!
Nisan 14 Passover - Fact or Fallacy?
What Does Yahweh's Word and Science Say About Eating Pork?
A New Look at the Last Supper - Have We Been Neglecting the Fellowship Meal?
What Days Should We Observe Under The New Covenant?
Pentecost - The Final Analysis
What Do You Mean "Sabbaths"? - A New Look at Pentecost!
Fall: Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, Last Great Day
The Awesome Mystery of 'Counting the Omer' Revealed!
Incredible New Insight on the Feast of Trumpets!
Should Yahueh's People Observe the New Moons?
The Lunar-Weekly Sabbath Controversy
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When Was the True Birth of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah?
Once Saved Always Saved?
Yahweh's True Calendar
The Mystery of Shemini Atzeret - The Eighth Day
A New Look at the Deep Meaning of Sukkot - The Feast of Tabernacles
Awesome New Truth about Yom Kippur - The Annual Day of Atonement!
The Shocking Pagan Origins of Easter!"
Did Yahweh Give a Calendar?
Being updated and revised!
Messianic-Christian Passover Haggadah  (Passover Story-Telling)
Yahweh? Yahvah? Yahveh? V or W?
Daily Omer Mediation -- The Spiritual Purpose of Counting
New Moon - Visible or Conjunction?
Sefirat Ha Omer -- The Key To Being an OVERCOMER!

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Pagan Holidays Versus Yah's Biblical Holy Days – The Awesome Plan of YHWH Revealed!
​Mysteries of Halloween - Should You observe it?
​Hallowe'en or the Evening of All Hallows
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