by Pastor George Malkmus

In 1976, when the doctor told me I had colon cancer, I had been taking handfuls of vitamin, mineral and protein supplements for years. It was at that time I was told that vitamin, mineral and protein supplements were actually harmful to my health! So I threw away my supplements, changed my diet to raw fruits and vegetables with large amounts of freshly-exacted vegetable juice, and almost immediately I started to get well. In fact, within one year, every physical problem that I had was gone and has not returned!

Space will not allow me to go into a lot of detail but, most vitamins are derived from coal tars and are very toxic to the body! Even natural vitamins, those derived from natural sources, have a drugging effect on the body because the body was not designed to receive nutrients in pill form or in mega-doses. In his book, Quit for Good, Dr. Ralph C. Cinque notes: "... what they don't tell you, is that vitamins, in the context of pills, are pharmacological substances, that is - drugs ..."

BARLEYMAX IS DIFFERENT! It is not a vitamin, mineral or protein supplement per se. It is barley grass that has been grown organically, had the fiber removed through a juicing process, and then the juice reduced to a powder form through an ingenious, patented process. This unique product that we have named BARLEYMAX is unequaled in the world today and contains the highest density of nutrients of any food I am aware of.

Today, we have wandered far, far away from eating and living the way we were designed and this has produced needless sickness, suffering, premature deaths and unnecessary expenses. So, if we want to be well and free from this needless suffering, we must get back to consuming nutrients in their raw, unprocessed form, as our Creator intended. Taking BARLEYMAX each day is an excellent step in that direction. Let's look at a few features that make BARLEYMAX so unique.


BARLEYMAX is a live, naturally potent, organically-grown food produced from the juice extracted from young barley leaves when they are 10 to 14 inches in height. After the plants are harvested, they are juiced to remove all fiber and then dehydrated using a special proprietary process that extracts the juice while ensuring the highest levels of enzymes are preserved.

The juice is then dried at room temperature in approximately two seconds. This non-heating, non-freezing process captures the nutrients in the juice without damaging them, resulting in a bright green powder rich in vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, chlorophyll and protein. A small amount of organically grown, powdered alfalfa is added because it is a good source of nutrients and minerals missing in the North American diet. Drinking the pure juice allows the nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream within minutes, without going through the digestive process.

BARLEYMAX is alkaline in pH, an important antidote for our high acid-ash, high protein diet. Unlike drugs or medications, BARLEYMAX has no adverse side effects. One tablespoon contains approximately 18 calories. The bright green color of BARLEYMAX is the natural chlorophyll, with no artificial colors or flavorings added.


Because BARLEYMAX is a high quality, balanced, natural green food, it helps the body balance, cleanse and heal itself. Consuming proper nutritional food builds healthy cells, allowing the body to maintain health and perform its natural healing powers.

Vitamins and Minerals - BARLEYMAX contains at least 16 vitamins, 23 minerals and 20 enzymes. The young barley juice powder contains 13 times as much carotene as that of carrots, 65 times as much Vitamin C as that of apples and five times has much iron as that of spinach. It has 18 times as much calcium as milk, and has Vitamin E and the B vitamins, including B-12. In fact, BARLEYMAX is the most nutritionally dense food that has ever been found ...providing one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients available in a single source on the earth today! 

Enzymes - There is no function of the human body that does not require enzymes, or that does not suffer if their supply is insufficient. Enzymes are the catalyst for all chemical changes in our body, such as digestion of food, sending oxygen from the lungs to our blood and cells, body movement, synthesizing proteins from amino acids to make muscle, and even thinking. Enzymes are found only in raw, "living food" (which excludes all cooked, processed food or synthetic vitamins). BARLEYMAX also contains the super scavenger SUPER OXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD), which destroys the damaging free radicals that lead to cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

Proteins - BARLEYMAX contains all the essential amino acids and has 15 times as much protein as an equivalent amount of milk. It is 90% digestible protein and because its protein molecules are small, it will not stress the body as do protein molecules from meat. 

Alkalinity - BARLEYMAX is alkaline, which helps neutralize the acidity from meat, starches, soft drinks and preserved foods.


BARLEYMAX is best taken on an empty stomach or 20 to 30 minutes before meals, three times per day. Mix one teaspoon of BarleyMax in three to four ounces of distilled water. It is easier to mix by shaking than by stirring. Many people use more or less, depending on their own assessment of their nutritional needs.

Athletes and people dealing with large amounts of stress often take larger amounts, sometimes as many as two to three tablespoons daily.

Rhonda and I personally take three to four teaspoons of BARLEYMAX daily.

The best results will come from placing BARLEYMAX dry under the tongue. (Much of it will be absorbed through the mucous membrane directly into the blood stream.) The next-best way to take it is in a small amount of distilled water at room temperature. It can also be taken in freshly extracted carrot juice, but we don't advise putting it in fruit juice. Fruit juice is acidic, while BARLEYMAX is highly alkaline. Mixing an acid and alkaline substance tends to neutralize the nutrients. Never heat or freeze BARLEYMAX, as this will kill its enzymes and damage other nutrients. We do not recommend BARLEYMAX  in caplet form.

BARLEYMAX delivers the maximum benefits when taken on an empty stomach, which means 30 minutes before or two hours after a meal. It is important to drink BARLEYMAX immediately after mixing it in a liquid. Mixing with a liquid activates the nutrients in BARLEYMAX, and these nutrients will begin to deteriorate within minutes in liquid form. BARLEYMAX has a three to five year shelf life under normal conditions. It should be stored in a dark, dry place at normal room temperature. (Never store in a refrigerator.) It is important not to use or store wet spoons in the jar. BARLEYMAX will keep some people awake if taken late in the evening. For others, it is the perfect nightcap for a restful sleep. You will have to do some experimenting to see how it works best for you.


Some people experience an almost immediate surge of energy. Others feel much the same as usual for the first few days and gradually begin to feel healthier with increased stamina, energy, clarity of thought and improved digestion and assimilation of food.

Some may experience a feeling of discomfort at first, depending on how "polluted" they are from drugs and bad eating habits. These mild or moderate "detoxification" symptoms may include tiredness, lightheadedness, mild stomach upset or headaches. This means the tissues are being cleansed and the toxins are being released into the blood stream to be removed form the body. While most people do not experience this process, it is important to know that this is part of the healing process and that the discomforts vanish in a few days. If you notice these symptoms, you may either lower the amount of your serving for a few days, then work up slowly, or increase your intake of distilled water to help the process along. It is important to realize that any discomfort is a result of years of improper diet now being corrected. 

Can a person take BARLEYMAX while on medication? Yes, as long as the doctor has not forbidden the eating of salads or green vegetables. For those who have digestive problems that normally make salads bothersome because of roughage, BARLEYMAX is the ideal substitute. Since the fiber has been removed, no digestion is required. 

Can BARLEYMAX hurt me? No! It has been used by over two million people in Japan for over 20 years, and has been used in the United States and Canada since 1982. It is not toxic and is 100 percent organically grown. However, it is important to use common sense when starting on BARLEYMAX and begin with small amounts, increasing gradually. Because it is a whole food concentrate, the body may need some time to adjust to its excellent nutritional contributions.

We find that the fastest way to restore the immune system and rebuild the body to wellness is through the use of raw vegetable juices. Why? Because with the fiber (pulp) removed, no digestion is necessary and the nutrients go directly into the blood-stream without the time and energy required for digestion. It is almost like intravenous feeding! Within minutes, the nutrients are in the blood stream, feeding the cells and building the immune system. Most people do not realize that the stomach is a "juice extractor."  BARLEYMAX is simply the concentrated nutrients from the juice of barley grass.

In our fast-paced life of today, many people do not have access to a juicer or the time to juice raw vegetables, but they can carry a bottle of BARLEYMAX with them. That is what Rhonda and I do, and we can wholeheartedly recommend it to you. We consider BARLEYMAX the most important food we put into our bodies every day.

Hallelujah Acres is proud to offer what we feel is the finest quality, dehydrated barley juice product on the market today. We've blended alfalfa juice with the barley juice to optimize the nutritional values and achieve the highest macro and trace mineral content possible. Dr. Donaldson of the Hallelujah Acres Foundation has performed extensive research and testing to ensure that the levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in BarleyMax are among the highest in the industry. The bottom line is this -- RESULTS!

Contact the Health Minister below or a local Health Minister in your area for more information about the Hallelujah Diet and lifestyle and how you can purchase this product.

Pastor Randy Rondeau
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
(204) 661-1018