Healthy Cell Concept
by Pastor George Malkmus

Have you ever thought about where you came from, or where and how your life began? Oh, I know that in the beginning God created the original male and female. But... today, where do we come from? How are we made? What are we made of? Let's consider these questions! 

Today, human life begins at conception, when the sperm of the male joins the egg of the female and a single cell forms. This single cell contains DNA, which is a blueprint of what the entire body will be like, including the sex of that individual... right on down to what the color of the eyes and hair will be. 

Now what happens after the sperm and egg unite is pretty awesome. That original cell divides into two cells (each with its own DNA) and the two cells become four cells and the four become eight and the eight become 16 and the 16 become 32 and on and on these cells continue to divide and multiply at an unbelievable rate of speed for the next 11 months. At the end of approximately 11 months, two months after birth, the body has its full compliment of cells... somewhere around 100,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion) of them, with each cell containing its own blueprint of the entire body!

At about two months of age, this wild proliferation of cells stops and from here on and throughout life, there is not supposed to be any more wild proliferation of cells... only the replacement or recreation of cells. For example, throughout life, every week or so, the entire outer layer of our skin is replaced with new cells. Approximately every two months, practically every cell in our heart muscle is rebuilt; and within a two to three year period, our entire bone structure replaces. So, two to three years from this very moment, every cell in our body will have been replaced with a new cell. Thus, in two to three years , every one of us will have a totally new body!!! We should be struck with awe at what a marvelous, self-healing body God has given us.

The question arises... what kind of body will it be? Will this new body be weaker or stronger than the body we possess today?

The answer to that question is entirely up to each of us. As the old cell dies and the new cell replaces, the new cell is totally dependent on the building materials we have provided it... the foods we eat, liquids we drink and air we breath. 

In Green Leaves of Barley, Dr. Mary Ruth Swope writes: "If it could be expected that all scientists in the world agreed on a single fact, I believe they would agree... 'Life begins, is maintained and ends at the cellular level.' The health of a single cell holds the key to the health of the whole organism." Her book adds, "Cells made strong through good nutrition will go a long way in giving you an immune system that will resist the illnesses so prevalent in our society."

If the needs of the cell are properly met, each cell will live healthily and function properly, ultimately reproducing itself with a new, healthy, strong cell! That is how God made the body to function, and this is where the Healthy Cell Concept comes in. So, if we want to have abundant energy, good physical strength, and experience freedom from sickness, then we must take care of our cells so that they will function as God intended. Nevertheless, God will not interfere with this natural process of cause and effect, even if it is done in ignorance! The Bible warns in Galatians 6:7, "...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

In his book, The Golden Seven Plus One, Dr. C. Samuel West writes: "The laws of nature are the laws of God. Nature is no respector of persons. No matter how righteous a person is, if he breaks the mental, nutritional or physical laws of health, he will cause his own destruction."

To put it as simply as I know how: God created for us a marvelous, self-healing body, along with the raw fruits and vegetables (see Genesis 1:29) we need to sustain ourselves in perfect health. Observing God's Natural Laws brings us superior health... while violating God's Natural Laws brings us sickness, suffering and often a premature death! 

Proper cell care is the key to our health, energy, strength, mental stability... and, yea, to our very life!!! So it is vitally important that we learn all that we can about our cells! Here are some things to consider:

I. CELL ENVIRONMENT In order for our cells to function properly, they must have a healthy environment. This includes maintaining a body temperature of 98.6 degrees; maintaining a proper acid / alkaline balance of about 7.4 pH; providing the cells with pure air and water, all necessary minerals, and keeping them free from stress. If we can keep the fluids surrounding our cells free of toxic waste, at proper temperature and pH, provide them with pure water, a sufficient and balanced supply of minerals, and keep them free from stress, the cells will live, function and recreate themselves without any problems. Dr. West concludes in The Golden Seven Plus One that "if the fluid medium in and around the cells was right, it would be impossible to damage or kill cells."

II. CELL FOOD Healthy cells require healthy food. Healthy food is food eaten just as close to the way God made it as possible... and that means RAW!!! Every step in the processing of food takes it further from the way God intended the body cells of man to be nourished, and this includes the cooking of food! Man is the only member of the animal kingdom that destroys his food before he eats it!

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, in his book Green Barley Essence, notes that on the cellular level, our bodies relive the "drama of creation millions of times every day, as the cells which form our tissue are reborn in countless succession in the life-sustaining chain." He says "the most delicate of conditions must prevail" for this constant recreation of life to be carried on, and that a "balance and maintenance of minerals is the key to health." 

III. CELL EXERCISE In order to ensure proper functioning of all cells, body fluids need to be kept moving. This can be accomplished only by exercise. Exercise is absolutely essential for building and maintaining healthy cells. Exercise puts oxygen into the blood, keeps the lymph moving and helps maintain the general health of the entire body. It strengthens and nourishes all the various organs and systems of the body. Many consider it the single, most important component in building superior health! When exercise is neglected, all the cells -- muscles, organs, glands, the circulatory and respiratory systems, etc. -- become weakened and sluggish, and this leads to all manner of physical breakdown.

IV. CELL PROTECTION God built into man's body a line of defense to protect him from being destroyed by an unfriendly environment. The body's defenses are skin, mucous membranes, friendly bacteria, tear glands, fever, lymphatic system, fighter cells, and the immune system. The immune system contains about a trillion cells called lymphocytes and about 100 trillion molecules called antibodies. These cells provide protection against all microscopic enemies seeking to enter the body. 

We build our immune system by eating raw food and drinking the juices of raw vegetables!!! 
We immobilize our immune system by putting harmful substances into our body! For example, white table sugar (which is literally a drug), paralyzes the immune system. Just nine teaspoons of sugar (one soda pop contains 10), in a day will immobilize the immune system by about 33%... while approximately 30 teaspoons of sugar will wipe out the immune system from even functioning that day. High fat intake seriously impairs the immune systems functioning as does white table salt. Caffeine suppresses the immune system by upsetting the delicate mineral balance, which deprives the immune system of essential minerals. All drugs and pain killers adversely affect the immune system... even aspirin.

V. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE Ron Price, in his book, The Healthy Cell Concept says: "A healthy cell attitude is the final ingredient of the HEALTHY CELL CONCEPT, and possibly the most important. All through history, attitude has been recognized as an important ingredient in the quality of life. The Bible says, 'As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.' Research has also documented that laughter and enjoyment can release substances in the body which enhance the immune system, while sadness, anger or worry can actually depress the immune system." 

My experience has shown that as we stop putting poison (which many of us call food) into our bodies and give our cells the proper building materials, our physical body as well as our mental and emotional facilities will restore itself to wellness! 

My personal conviction after 17 years of research is that if we could get people off the animal products (meat and dairy), sugar, salt, white flour products and their drugs, and onto a raw food diet with lots of raw vegetable juices... that not only could we theoretically eliminate sickness from the world, but we could restore emotional and mental health to most people.

It is so exciting to realize that we can control the health of our body cells by proper diet and exercise!!! Based on what we put into our bodies... we determine what our body will be made of, and how well it will function. Thus, we can prevent sickness!!! And almost all sickness and disease can be corrected by simply cleansing the body of toxins and providing the cells with the proper building  materials. The  sickness  will  usually  disappear  as  the  body  rebuilds 

itself! The cause and cure of sickness is not a mystery... it is simply a matter of cause and effect!!! Probably, the greatest single thing I have learned in all my years of research and personal experience is the only food that is "cell food" is raw food! And the quickest way to restore the body to wellness is by consuming large amounts of raw vegetable juices, especially Barleygreen! 

Seventeen years ago, I was told that I had colon cancer. At that time I was also suffering from hypoglycemia, hemorrhoids, severe allergies and sinus problems, high blood pressure, colds, pimples, dandruff, body odor, lack of energy, etc. Seventeen years ago I switched overnight from the 'good-ol' American diet of meat, dairy, sugar, salt, white flour products, cooked food, etc., to an all-raw diet with large amounts of freshly extracted vegetable juices. What was the result? Within less then one year, every physical problem I had was gone... and has stayed gone to this present day!!!

Ten Simple Steps to Healthy Cells: 
1. Eat foods just as close to the way they grow as possible. 
2. Make at least 75 to 85 percent of your food intake raw. 
3. Take at least three teaspoons of BarleyGreen daily. 
4. Drink only pure distilled water and never drink with a meal. (It dilutes the digestive juices. Water filters do not produce pure water.) 
5. Eliminate breakfast. Have BarleyMax. Eat some juicy fruit if you get hungry. 
6. Eliminate all meat and dairy products. 
7. Eliminate all products containing white sugar. (Use a little raw honey if desired). 
8. Eliminate all white flour and table salt. (Use whole grain flour instead of white.) 
9. Eliminate all products containing hydrogenated oil. (This would include all margarine, products containing Crisco type oils, peanut butter, etc.) 
10. Exercise vigorously every day and learn to breath deeply. 

*BARLEYMAX is the only supplement (for lack of a better word) Rhonda and I take, and the only one I recommend. BarleyMax is produced from organically grown barley, harvested at its most nutritious stage. The juice is extracted and then dehydrated at room temperature, thus retaining all of its nutrients, including enzymes. BarleyMax is the most "nutrient dense" food you can buy to provide the cells with the elements crucial to their optimal growth and functioning! 

Within 5 minutes after it enters the body, BarleyMax is in the blood stream feeding the cells and building the immune system. BarleyMax is a vital part of our daily nutritional program and I recommend it highly. In fact, I consider BarleyMax the single most important food I put into my body each day. We do not recommend BarleyMax in tablet form. Nor do we recommend it be taken in juice... only in a small amount of distilled water or dissolved dry in the mouth. Other companies have tried to imitate BarleyMax but we do not find that their products give the same results.)