My Personal Testimony

I suffered with lower back problems for a number of years, mainly as a result of a herniated disc in 1984 and in March, 1998 I experienced the worst "slip-disc" episode. I couldn't sit up for even a few seconds; I was flat on my back with a tremendous amount of pain. The inflammation was so bad that I was given anti-inflammatory drugs that made me feel very sick. After a daily routine of ice packs, chiropractic visits, therapeutic massage and physiotherapy, I returned to work after a month, continuing my gradual recovery program.

At the same time all of this was going on, I developed other physical symptoms that became a concern. I was experiencing lightheadedness, continual dizziness, sore eyes, nausea and other flu-like symptoms that persisted for weeks, while I was coping with my back problems. The doctor thought that I may have caught a virus and that my body was simply struggling to recover. The longer these symptoms persisted the more concerned I became. I was off work again and decided that I wanted to do some more diagnostic tests, so that I could have some peace of mind knowing that there wasn't something "seriously" wrong with me.

Over the next several months I developed other physical problems in addition to the daily dizziness and flu symptoms:  insomnia, continual stomach pain, chest pain, tremors or shakes (especially during the night while in bed), headaches, alternating diarrhea & constipation, always tired, lack of energy and lack of concentration. I was off work again. By this time I felt that there was something very seriously wrong with me, like brain cancer or some other degenerative disease. I saw many specialists (ENT, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology and others), lots of blood work along with several X-rays including a barium enema and swallow. I had CT scans of my head, abdomen and lower back. The confirmed diagnoses were: Degenerative Disc Disease, Diverticulosis, Parasites, Irritable Bowel syndrome, Spastic Colon and Depression. I was on three or four different medications for my GI tract, liquid magnesium for my heart, including thyroid pills, and still there was little to no noticeable improvement.

I had been off work for almost a year. I reached a point of frustration, feeling at the end of my rope, when I decided to look outside of conventional medicine for answers and I began to look into alternative therapies. I started to do some research and poured over several books and literature on the subject. I was mega-dosing on vitamins and minerals that only made me feel worse. I became a nervous wreck and started taking a prescription anti-depressant called Effexor (venlafaxine 300 mg/day) to try and get rid of the anxiety/depression, nervous stomach, shakes and insomnia.

I felt that I could no longer endure the symptoms, the constant abdominal pain, the depression that I was experiencing, moment by moment, day by day, and week after week. So after much soul-searching and daily cries to God, I begged Him to heal me or take me; I just couldn't bear it any longer. There were many days when all of the physical symptoms and pain were so overwhelming that I just wanted to die; I had suicidal thoughts every other day. It was at this time that we received a call from some dear friends of ours who suggested that I slowly get off all of the man-made, synthetic, artificial vitamins and minerals and just take Barleygreen. They sent me an article on Barleygreen written by Dr. George Malkmus. This truly was a Godsend, an answer to many prayers. I discoverd the "Hallelujah Diet" and continued with the dietary changes I had made, eating more raw fruits & vegetables, drinking lots of distilled water, and I bought a Champion Juicer and began juicing organic carrots.

Immediately after getting off the world's diet I felt worse! When you stop putting in the world's garbage & start putting in God's good nutrition, the body gets all excited & says "Hallelujah, we're gonna clean our house! This is referred to as the "healing crisis."

You don't realize it, but if you've been on the world's diet, you may still have a piece of beef or turkey from 10 years ago still tucked away in your colon somewhere and if you've been taking the OTC (over the counter) and prescription drugs, you may have some drug you took years ago, still lingering in the fatty tissue somewhere.

And when you stop putting in the bad & start putting in the good, the body starts cleaning house or releasing these poisons/toxins into the bloodstream for removal from the body. And as they're released into the blood you may experience such things as cold/flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, fatigue, pimples, diarrhea, constipation, even pain in a place you were previously injured or had a physical problem. This isn't bad, this is a good thing!

I didn't get concerned about it because 60% of people don't even realize they're cleansing or detoxifying, 30% notice some of these symptoms, but they're mild. 10% may notice a severe cleansing reaction & if a person is having more intense detox. than they want to endure, all they do is back off of the concentrated nutrients (the Barleygreen or the carrot juice) & have an extra baked potatoe/brown rice. And what that does is just slow down the release of the poisons, they'll still come out, but over a more extended period of time & the body will still accomplish what we want it to accomplish.

Well I had a couple weeks of these cleansing reactions & then I had some days that I felt better than I had in a long time. Then I had days where I didn't feel so good, what's happening? More toxins coming out. It takes about one year to get all the poisons out.  Sodium chloride for eg., is a very toxic substance. Studies show that it shows up in the urine for up to one year after a person stops consuming it, as the body releases it from where its stored in the fatty tissues. It's a very awesome thing. So I had days where I felt better, days I didn't feel so good, days better than the previous better and days not so bad as the previous bad - like an upwards roller coaster and within 3 1/2 months all my physical problems were gone, including my back problems! They just slowly disappeared!

Today my diet is approx. 85% raw/15% cooked (some days all raw). Since making the dietary/lifestyle change, my back pain is gone, my bad sinus problems are gone, I have not experienced a head-ache, sore throat, cold, flu, upset stomach, been to a doctor, even taken an aspirin/tylenol in over 12 years! It's very exciting! I have more energy, endurance, and stamina than I have had in years. It's the most awesome thing to experience in your body, "ultimate health," on God's original diet. We're programmed to think that as you get older you're going to degenerate. My friends, life begins when you change your diet from the world's diet to God's diet! And you get progressively younger.

Thank you Dr. Malkmus for your life-changing ministry. I'm so anxious to spread this exciting message of hope to all who will hear, that we truly do not have to be sick!

Randy Rondeau
Health Minister