Test 1 - Cola as a blood stain remover: The boys spray some animal blood all over the parking lot outside and let it bake in the sun for a couple of hours. Once it's dried they treat one side with cola and the other with just water. They declare cola helped to remove the blood, but not much.

Test 2 - Cola as an effective chrome cleaner: The boys put cola to the test on an old truck's chrome bumper by comparing it with the leading chrome cleaner. They determine that scrubbing the bumper with aluminum foil and cola did a better job than the leading brand chrome cleaner.

Test 3 - Cola can free rusty bolts: Adam and Jamie soak a rag in cola and leave it on a rusty bolt on the truck's engine. After a few minutes they try to loosen the bolt, and are unable to. They find that cola doesn't do much to free rusty bolts, aside from making them sticky.

Test 4 - Cola can shine a penny: Cola is put up against pure phosphoric acid in the battle to shine a penny better. After 24 hours of soaking, the cola penny did appear to be brighter than the penny that soaked in acid.

Test 5 - Cola can dissolve a tooth in 24 hours: Two teeth are soaked for 24 hours, one in cola and one in phosphoric acid. The acid tooth is reduced to half it's original size, but the cola tooth just turns an ugly brown colour. Neither completely dissolves. Myth busted.

Test 6 - Cola can dissolve a T-Bone Steak: Two steaks are put in decanters, one covered in phosphoric acid and one covered in cola, and left for 48 hours. When time is up the boys try to pull the moldy steaks out of their respective containers and find that the acid steak falls apart, while the cola steak seems fairly tenderized (rancid, but softer). Neither steak is completely dissolved, so another myth is busted. 

Test 7 - Cola can clean battery terminals: Adam and Jamie pit cola against baking soda and a toothbrush on two dirty car batteries. They find that cola and baking soda do just about the same job, but it's hard to tell if plain water doesn't do just as good of a job. Cola doesn't do anything spectacular.

Test 8 - Cola can remove greasy stains in your laundry: Jamie puts on a pair of clean coveralls and rolls around on the truck engine. Adam does his best to help Jamie get dirty. They put two different swatches of greasy coverall in different decanters, one with cola and one with a laundry detergent solution. After soaking for 48 hours the most the cola did was turn the material a nice brown colour. No grease was removed.

Test 9 - Cola as an engine degreaser: The boys cover the truck engine in cola, wait a spell and then rinse it off. They find that the cola may have removed some of the rust and corrosion, but didn't remove any of the grease.

Test 10 - Cola as an effective spermicide: Adam and Jamie take sperm samples (origin of samples unknown) and place them under a microscope. They add cola to some slides and saline solution to others. They count the number of live sperm in 60 second intervals and find that the number of live sperm in both saline and cola was relatively the same. With the help of Dr. Turek they determine that cola doesn't do much more than dilute the sperm.