Marvelous Self-Healing Body
by Pastor George Malkmus

In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth... and Yahweh Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Genesis 1:1 & 2:7)

When Yahweh created man, He made no mistakes! In the beginning, everything Yah made was perfect, from placing the earth in proper orbit around the sun... not too close lest we burn up and not too far lest we freeze. The percentage of oxygen was just right to sustain life. Even the food supply, picturesque scenery, tranquil setting, etc. It was all there in perfection. 'And Elohim saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.' (Genesis 1:31)

Then Yahweh placed man, His crowning creation, in the midst of this beautiful garden on planet earth. And Yah said to man "Be fruitful, and multiply..." Every person reading these words, if they could trace their family tree back far enough, would find their ancestry originating IN THE GARDEN! Man has wandered far from this original Garden of Eden which Yah prepared for us. As a result of this wandering, we have suffered greatly. It is the goal of Hallelujah Acres to try and bring people of today BACK TO THE GARDEN! Back to the simple lifestyle, diet, freedom from stress and sickness, peaceful, happy life Yahweh originally planned for mankind

Maybe this sounds impossible or too simplistic. But we are seeing incredible results from multitudes all over the world who are making simple changes in their diet and lifestyle. Even in this stressful, polluted world in which we live, these people are seeing exciting things happening in their bodies and their life: Healing of disease... returning a healthy glow, happiness and enthusiasm to their life... and a heightened ability to serve Yahweh and appreciate His beautiful creation. All these benefits initiated by something as simple as a change to a more natural diet and lifestyle.

For most of the 2000 years since yeshua (Jesus) established His church, Christianity has focused on the soul and spirit of man, while practically ignoring the body/temple. Church leaders often take scripture out of context by suggesting the physical body is wicked and evil. Yet my Bible says "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit... therefore glorify Elohim in your body, and in your spirit, which are His." (I Corinthians 6:19-20). Romans 12:1 says we should "... present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto Elohim, which is your reasonable service."

Psalm 139:14 says "We are fearfully and wonderfully made." When we look at the anatomy of man we find this to be so. Right from the moment of conception, exciting things start to happen as the father's sperm penetrates the mother's egg, and genetic instructions from parents interact to begin a new individual.

On the very day of conception, the first cell divides into two, the two into four, and so on. Within five to nine days, the sex can be determined. By day 15 the heart is forming and by day 24 the heart is beating. In 42 days the skeleton is formed and the brain is coordinating movement of muscles and organs. Within eight weeks, every organ is present, the heart is beating steadily, the stomach is producing digestive juices, the liver is making blood cells and the kidneys are functioning. And so it continues until about nine months after conception, when the child is born.

How did the body know to do all this? There is only one answer my friend... Yahweh programmed it all into the original couple, Adam and Eve, and it has been passed down to each of us today through the DNA and RNA of every generation since then. What is found in the DNA is awesome. But we are going to confine this treatise to the area of how we were designed to be nourished and healed.

The first thing we must realize is that the human body is a living organism, made up of approximately 100 trillion living cells. Every part of our body is made of cells... our bones, blood, skin, muscle, eyes, heart, liver, etc. Each cell is a miniature generator that requires fuel and oxygen to generate the electrical energy needed to power the body. The body also has a defense mechanism which we call the immune system. Then there is the nervous system which transmits impulses throughout the body. The endocrine system coordinates body functions of the glands. The respiratory system controls our oxygen intake. The circulation system involves movement of the blood. And there is so much more. Truly, "we are fearfully and wonderfully made."

If we want to know how to maintain wellness, we must first understand how we are made, how our body is designed to heal itself, and what foods Yahweh created for our bodies to function properly. These foods created by Yah as the original diet for man are described in Genesis 1:29, where we read: "... I have given you every herb (vegetable) bearing seed... and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food."

On this original diet, man lived an average of 912 years, prior to the flood, without a single recorded instance of sickness. Following the flood, two changes were made in man's diet... meat was added and man started to cook his food.

 Following these two changes in the way man ate, the life span rapidly declined in ten generations from an average of 912 years to 100 years. Today, we have moved even further from Yah's original diet by putting increasingly more toxic substances into our bodies so that today, by the age of 40, the average person already has serious physical problems. The average four-year-old already has plaque build up in his arteries, and the average youth of today cannot even pass the President's minimal physical fitness requirements.

Our generation is sick, and getting sicker by the day! The symptoms and signs of this sickness are the ever-increasing numbers of people afflicted by heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and a host of other degenerative diseases! But keep in mind that cancer, heart disease, etc. are not the problem itself, but merely symptoms of the problem. The problem today is that we are putting into our bodies substances (poisons) Yahweh never designed these bodies of ours to have to deal with! And then we further complicate the problem by trying to treat the resulting symptoms with additional poisons (drugs).

Any successful approach to health must deal with the cause of the problem rather than merely the symptoms. If we want to reverse our physical problems, we must get back to the basics... to Yahweh and to an understanding of how He made us and how He intended us to be nourished and healed and how our bodies are designed to eliminate toxic substances.

Today, when we develop a physical problem, we have been programmed to believe that the problem is the result of some virus, germ, or bacteria that attacked our innocent body, or that we inherited the problem through our genes from parents, grandparents, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth!!! Such teachings are designed to keep us from realizing the true cause of disease... our own transgression of Yah's Natural Laws! The truth is that almost every physical problem we experience (other than those caused by accidents), we created by violating the Natural Laws established by Yahweh at creation for the sustaining of our life, health and well being.

Then when we get sick, we try to treat the symptom of the disease with more poison (drugs), thinking this poison will destroy the physical problem. But this complicates the problem and actually creates new problems. What we must understand if we are going to restore our bodies to health is that there are no cures! My friend reading these words I don't know how to say it strong enough. THERE ARE NO CURES!!! The only way to restore the body to wellness is with a healthy diet and lifestyle!

If we are going to restore the body to wellness, we must realize that drugs do not cure, chemotherapy does not cure, radiation does not cure, surgery does not cure, vitamins do not cure, herbs do not cure. The only way to restore the body to wellness is to eliminate what caused the physical problem in the first place and give the body the building materials it needs to restore and rebuild itself. Programmed into each individual is self-healing!

Just as a cut on the surface of our skin will heal itself, the rest of our body -- from the cellular level to vital organs -- is also designed to be self-healing. This self-healing will occur when we stop consuming the poisons that caused the problem and give our body the nourishment on which it was originally designed to live, prosper and heal. This ability to self-heal was programmed into our DNA by Yah at creation. Those who have made the change to a natural diet and lifestyle can see that Yah's original plan of self-healing works better than all the prescription drugs, chemotherapy and surgery modern medical science has to offer.

The most important things needed for self-healing are fresh air, pure water, adequate rest, internal and external cleanliness, sunshine, a positive mental attitude, vigorous exercise and eating the foods by which we were designed to be nourished. And the only nourishment Yah ever intended for us to put into our bodies is pure water, fresh air, sunlight and fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. As long as these needs are met, the body is self-sufficient and will function properly in perfect health. But when we deviate from these basic biological needs, the body becomes clogged and poisoned, energy is depleted, physical problems result and life is shortened!

Rather than helping the body to restore itself to wellness by the elimination of those things in our diet and lifestyle that created the problem, modern medicine seeks to aggressively fight the symptom. The way we deal with sickness today is wrong and it produces horrible results. Not a day goes by that I do not receive dozens of phone calls and letters from people from all over the world with the most horrible stories of the results they or their loved ones have experienced after going the traditional medical route for physical problems... especially cancer.

Think about how we deal with cancer today. Cancer is caused in most instances by improper diet or lifestyle. Lung cancer is caused primarily by cigarette smoking. Colon, breast, prostrate and uterine cancer are caused primarily by animal products. In fact, animal products, excessive protein and fats are the cause of most of today's cancers. If we would but eliminate the causes, and give the body the proper building materials, most cancers would just disappear as the body's own self-healing mechanism would kick in.

Yet, the accepted first treatment for cancer today is usually chemotherapy. The basic chemical used in chemotherapy is mustard gas!!! This same chemical was used in World War I to kill soldiers on the battle field, and is such a hideous poison it has been universally banned from use in wartime through treaties. Yet this same poison is being injected into cancer patients today in hopes that it will kill some of the bad cells, which it usually does. But it also kills the good cells and further weakens an already weak immune system. In fact, cancer would never have originated in the first place if the immune system had been functioning properly.

Radiation is another treatment used on cancer patients today. Recently we read of those who were exposed to radiation years ago in experiments conducted by the United States Government. We were told these radiation victims needed to be compensated for the physical problems that arose because they were not told of the harmful effects of the radiation they received. Yet, today, this same radiation is used to treat cancer. It is supposed to destroy the maverick cells, which it often does. But in the process, it also kills good cells and destroys our ability to manufacture white blood cells, thus further weakening our immune system. How many cancer patients today are being told by their physicians of the dangers of radiation? There is no safe use of radiation! All radiation is dangerous, whether it be the treatment of cancer, microwave ovens or the radiation of food.

Then there is the surgery where they cut out the problem area. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery all deal with the symptom... not with the cause! The cause of almost all cancers is improper diet and lifestyle! And that is why even after a person has gone through the above medical treatments, if they live through the treatments, the cancer will often come back again. Why? Because they only dealt with the symptom, not with the cause!

When I had my cancer problem 18 years ago I refused medical treatment. I eliminated from my diet the things that had caused my tumor and my cancer just disappeared, as did every other physical problem that I had. And for over 18 years I have experienced no physical problems.

Here at Hallelujah Acres we receive thousands of testimonies from people from all over the world who simply eliminated those things from their diet and lifestyle that were creating their physical problems... gave their bodies superior building materials... and they got well. One man recently told of 13 different physical problems that simply disappeared when he changed his diet. Several months ago, a Christian lady in Kansas City called to tell how she had gone the medical route, without success, for a huge tumor in her rectal area. She was in excruciating pain and couldn't even sit down. She called yesterday, to tell us she had been on the Hallelujah Diet for just eight weeks and already the tumor and pain were gone and that she could sit without any discomfort. She was ecstatic! We share the testimonials and letters of dozens of such people in every issue of Back to the Garden.

So let's look at how we seek to nourish these bodies of ours and how we deal with physical problems in this present day:


The first thing we must establish is that our body is a living organism, made up of living cells and that the only thing that is cell food is LIVING, RAW FOOD! The body processes these raw building materials and transforms them into material for its own growth and maintenance. At the same time, it rejects anything harmful that cannot be assimilated into the cell wall to be used to build new living cells.

It must be remembered though, that food cannot do anything by itself. It can only provide us with the raw materials the body needs for growth and maintenance.
Only the body has the ability to heal itself when given the nourishment necessary to rebuild and restore its healing mechanism (immune system) and essential body organs! Then as the body's healing mechanism starts to function at a higher level, it seeks out problem areas and heals them. It is so simple because all this was programmed into our DNA at conception.

So many people today are not aware that what they put into their bodies has anything to do with their health or well being. They think they can dump anything that tastes good into their body and it will continue to function properly. This is simply not so and a quick look at the general health of the people of today will verify this. So when the body starts to break down they attribute it to old age or some 'bug' going around, rather than improper diet and lifestyle. In an effort to get rid of their physical problem, they usually turn to drugs.


Drugs offer no nourishment, but are chemical poisons dangerous and destructive to the body. If taken long enough, drugs create new problems for which another drug is prescribed. All substances introduced into the body by injection, absorption, respiration or ingestion that cannot be utilized as food are poisonous. Then the poison is acted upon by the body in self-defense by accelerating its metabolism to remove the toxin. All such action by the body is damaging to the living organism, because much harm is done by interfering with its natural metabolism.

Medical doctors use a system called allopathy. Allopathy means "opposite disease." Rather than helping the body's immune system to fight the disease, the approach of allopathy is to introduce a foreign substance (drug) into the body to produce effects different from those of the disease itself, which often creates additional disease. Generally, allopathic doctors do not try to determine the cause of the illness, nor seek to remove the cause of the illness. What they do is treat the symptoms!

Allopathy is not an effective means of restoring health. But it has become the dominant means of health care today because it is the most profitable approach for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. It creates repeat customers. For example, a drug company can make more money selling laxatives and antacids over and over again to the same people than it could by merely instructing these people to change their diet to prevent constipation or indigestion. A family doctor makes such a good living from families coming in regularly with colds, flu, earaches, etc., why would he want to encourage them to change to a healthier diet?

And considering that a person can spend $20,000 to $100,000 or more in treating cancer, is it really surprising that the result of the medical establishment's "War on Cancer" has been an increase, rather than a decrease, in cancer?


VITAMINS, MINERALS, PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS - These substances are often used to try to correct physical problems and sometimes help, but can also have a drugging and harmful effect on the body. God did not design our body to receive nutrients in pill form or as mega-doses of nutrients isolated from the form in which they are found in nature.

HERBS -- Herbs are a milder and more natural approach to healing than allopathic drugs. Good results can be obtained for some ailments with the right herb. But herbs should not be looked upon as a cure-all for all our physical problems. If a person needs to treat symptoms with herbs on a regular basis, this is a sign that he needs to change his diet to correct the problem rather than continuing to take herbs to deal with the symptoms. Many practitioners of natural health recommend herbs as a natural means of working in conjunction with the body's immune system, as opposed to allopathic drugs, which work against the immune system. But an even better approach is to use natural foods (raw fruits and vegetables) to strengthen and rebuild the immune system, along with the body's 100 trillion living cells.

WATER FASTING - Water fasting is the quickest way to detoxify the body, but can be dangerous if not carefully supervised. Water fasting often produces severe cleansing reactions and usually leaves the body very weak, often taking months to restore the body's strength after the fast. During the fast, the body is forced to feed upon itself and its nutrient reserves, which are usually low to start with. Here at Hallelujah Acres, we find that when the body is sick, it desperately needs nourishment to provide the building materials to restore and rebuild the immune system and essential organs.

MACROBIOTIC DIET - Because it cuts out fats and cholesterol, many people have experienced some initial benefits from the Macrobiotic Diet for some physical problems. But cooked foods make up over 95% of the Macrobiotic Diet, salt is promoted, while raw fruit is not recommended. Our research and experience shows that this diet will help some people in the short run but long-term use of this highly acidic diet actually promotes some physical problems, including arthritis and cancer.

PRITIKIN DIET - This diet also removes the animal products and consequently has produced wonderful results with heart-related problems and diabetes. But because of its heavy grain use, many followers of this program have developed arthritis and cancer. Hallelujah Acres does not recommend heavy usage of grains, as they create an acidic condition in the body, which leads to many serious physical problems, including, but not limited to arthritis, cancer, and osteoporosis.

GERSON DIET - Dr. Max Gerson developed this diet in 1919 to eliminate his own migraine headaches. He later learned that this diet not only eliminated migraine headaches, but most other physical problems as well, including diabetes, arthritis and even terminal cancers. The diet is very low in fat, protein and grain products, while using large amounts of fresh, raw vegetable juices and other raw foods. The results they are getting -- even with terminal illnesses -- is spectacular. The Hallelujah Diet is similar to the Gerson Diet.

RAW FOOD DIET - God's original diet for mankind was raw fruits and vegetables and we must return to this diet if we are seeking health and wellness. Our bodies are living organisms, made of living cells that require living food to be nourished properly and function well. Although we believe the original diet consisted mainly of raw fruits, we find that if too much fruit is consumed, it can produce hypoglycemic problems. Therefore we recommend a balance between raw fruits and vegetables. We have also found that with today's degenerated bodies and depleted soil, it takes more than just the eating of raw food to restore wellness. This is where concentrated nutrients in raw vegetable juices come into play. Nutrients in the freshly-extracted juice of raw vegetables have been separated from the fiber or pulp, which means these nutrients can go directly into the blood stream and to the cellular level without the time-consuming and energy-consuming process of digestion. We do not recommend fruit juices as they are too high in concentrated sugar, even though they are natural sugars. Further, we do not recommend any juice that can be purchased in containers, as they have all been heated to destroy the enzymes so they will not spoil.  

Thus we conclude... that when the body is sick, the only substances that should be introduced into it are those substances that will help the body to heal itself. Our bodies are not the enemy with which we have to do battle, but an intelligent, living system that wants to be well... and given favorable conditions, the body will in most instances heal itself, and usually quite quickly. When we get sick, it is because we have violated the Natural Laws Yahweh established at creation to govern these body/temples of ours! If we want to be well, we must stop the violation and cooperate with our body by giving it what it needs to rebuild and restore itself. We must remember that our bodies are self-healing when given the chance!


Many people today believe they can dump anything they want into their bodies and that this garbage has nothing to do with their physical well-being. They also believe that when they get sick all they have to do is take some drug to take away that sickness. If we are going to be able to remove our present physical problems and live in abundant health, we must turn away from this kind of thinking.

Sickness is the result of unhealthy living, and if health is to be restored we must remove the causes of the illness and supply the conditions for health. Healing is a normal biological process programmed into our DNA, but to make it happen we must remove the causes of our physical problems. No true healing can take place without first removing the cause and then providing the body with its simple, basic needs so it can restore itself.

Sickness is usually not God's judgment upon us nor simply bad luck, but something we created ourself by failing to observe God's Natural Laws. If we desire abundant health, we must do more than wish or pray for it. We must make a commitment to good health by applying a diet and lifestyle that will produce it. More and more Americans are realizing that the medical / drug approach does not produce health.

Almost every one of us knows someone who was diagnosed with cancer, went the chemotherapy / radiation / surgery route with horrible results, and often died after spending their life savings. Today, in spite of the billions of dollars being spent on blood pressure medication, by-pass surgery and other heart care by drugs and physicians, 50 percent of our population dies of heart disease.

The time is ripe for a revolutionary change in the way we look at health care. And the answer is not the kind of a reform advocated by President Clinton's Health Care Plan. True health will come only when each individual learns how to take care of their own self-healing body! The crying need of today is a HEALTH REVOLUTION, which will happen only through education!

If the people of our great nation would apply what Hallelujah Acres teaches, we could save hundreds of billions of dollars in medical costs. Insurance premiums would be drastically reduced as the only insurance needed would be for accidents. Productivity would increase in the workplace, as healthy people work better and produce more, and no one would lose time due to sickness. Tax savings from health care through Medicare, veteran hospitals, etc. would be enormous and the savings could be used to eliminate the national debt. Here at Hallelujah Acres we also find that emotional problems usually disappear and weight normalizes. And there is so much more.

The secrets to abundant health are known and are being experienced by many. However, most people do not know the simple truths to creating abundant health and they need to be told how they can take charge of their own body and be responsible for their own well-being. As each individual realizes and applies this knowledge in their own life, they need to tell others, and it will not be long before the whole world will realize "you do not have to be sick." The purpose of Hallelujah Acres is to make this information available to as many people as possible. Please pray for us as we try to change the way the world deals with sickness.