Raw Food 
by Pastor George Malkmus

And the Yahweh Elohim took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it... And Yahweh said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." (Genesis 2:15 & 1:29)

I once saw a cartoon of a man and woman, each appearing to be in very poor health. The man was bald, and both had large protruding abdomens, wrinkles, arthritis, and were gross in appearance. The caption under the cartoon read: "We've come a long way sweetheart."

And yes, we have come a long way from the Garden of Eden where God first placed man, but it has been in the wrong direction! God intended only good for man... a long life on earth of love, health, peace and happiness while loving and serving his Creator and fellow man. And then ultimately to spend eternity with his Creator in Heaven. But is man experiencing this wonderful quality of life and way of life God intended? And if not, why not?

There are many theories as to what happened and why, and I have held several different thoughts myself down through the years. But the longer I observe the effects of various foods upon the human body, the more I am convinced that one of the greatest tragedies in history is the change in diet man made from the original raw vegetarian/fruitarian diet God gave to mankind in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1:29 to one of meat and cooked and artificial foods.

We seem to understand and respect the automobile engine, designed and made by man, better than we understand and respect the human body designed and made by God. Man designed the automobile engine to run on a certain octane of gasoline. If we put a low grade fuel in the gas tank of our automobile, it will ping and knock. If we put sugar in the gas tank of our automobile, it will destroy the engine. So we are careful to put only the proper octane of fuel, without contaminants, into our automobile so that it will run properly.

Well, God created man, and He designed man to run on only one kind of fuel... RAW FOOD!!! Man's body is a living organism, made of living cells, which require living food in order to be properly nourished and function well. When we put cooked food into our body, loaded with contaminants, the body starts to break down. It begins in the very young with colic, rashes, colds, earaches, upset stomachs, swollen glands and tonsils. As the child grows older, their may be tooth decay, pimples, the need for eye glasses, etc. Then as we enter adult life there is arthritis, hypoglycemia, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancers. All this and a multitude of other diseases are unnecessary and are nothing but the result of improper diet and lifestyle!

Those who profit from sickness have led us to believe these physical problems are natural, and that when we get sick we are just the innocent victims of some bacteria, germ or virus, or that we inherited these problems. They then tell us that the human body is a complex organism only they can understand so we must trust them and their expensive drugs, radiation and surgery as our only hope for alleviating these problems. Yet their track record is horrible. We see people getting sicker and sicker. But Americans, including the Christian Community, have accepted their teachings hook, line and sinker, while the state of health in America continues to decline and the cost of this so-called health care continues to escalate. The cost for "Health Care" in America for 1994 is projected to be over $1,000,000,000,000.00 (one trillion dollars)!

So what is the answer?At Hallelujah Acres we teach that the present approach to diet and health is totally wrong and completely contrary to the way God intended!And that the only solution, if we are going to turn things around, is a return to God and a return to the Garden where God first created and placed man! Yes, we must get Back to the Garden where human life began and back to the way God intended us to live and be nourished. In this message, I will deal specifically with the type of food by which God designed our bodies to be nourished. There are only four substances that nourish our bodies. They are fresh, pure air,pure water, moderate amounts of sunlight, and raw food! That's it! Anything else is a contaminate to the body and has an adverse effect on our health.

The human body is a masterpiece, created by God! The Bible says "We are fearfully and wonderfully made! " (Psalm 139:14). The human body is a living organism made of living cells that are constantly in the process of dying and replacing. These living cells require proper building materials to function and reproduce themselves. Even the slightest alteration of the natural raw materials of which God intended these cells to be composed and nourished can lead to disease and ultimately a premature death.

God provided the raw materials needed to sustain life all around us in nature. If we look at the rest of the animal kingdom that God also created, we see that every other animal, with the exception of man, feeds on raw food. Then further, when we look at the animal kingdom, except where contaminated by man, there is no sickness! Today, over 90 percent of the people die from heart disease (50% of all deaths), cancer (33% of all deaths) and diabetes (8% of all deaths). Is this the kind of life God planned for man? Or is it the result of man deviating from God's plan? Our research and experience shows that God made no mistakes, but that man has made a colossal mistake by straying from God's ways and is thus paying a horrible price for this departure. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

We live in an age of almost total ignorance when it comes to the Laws of Life established by God at creation. The sad part of this is that most Christians are just as ignorant of these laws as the rest of the world. In fact, most Christians, in ignorance, have rejected God's laws and accepted the world's teachings in almost all areas that relate to physical life. Most Christians are living in ignorance and dying in distress rather than seeking knowledge and truth in this area. Most people today accept the teachings of this world's so-called authorities as gospel rather than searching the Scriptures to see "whether those things be so" (Acts 17:11). Today we accept and, in a sense, worship science and everything science teaches, never questioning whether their pronouncements are truth or not.

The other day I was watching the evening news and there was a scientist being questioned by a Senate subcommittee concerning the harmful effects of cigarettes. This scientist was asked if smoking was addictive. His answer was "absolutely not." He was asked if smoking caused lung cancer. Again his reply was "absolutely not." When a senator challenged his answers, this scientist stated that he only believed that which was scientifically verifiable. When the Senator asked him if he realized that there were very few who would agree with him, he simply replied "I am a scientist!" It often appears that scientists' findings are based upon personal philosophies or who is paying their paycheck rather than on truly scientific, verifiable fact!

As children in school, we accepted the four basic food groups as gospel, in the name of science. We accept as fact the teachings of government agencies who use supposedly scientific calculations to tell us of the nutritive value and the percentages we need of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc., never questioning whether this information could be just as false as that of the scientist who said smoking was harmless.

We also blindly accept the medical profession's teaching as to why we get sick. Then we accept their drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery as the only means of dealing with sickness. Even though this approach is making us sicker and sicker, exhausting our savings and even killing people, we never seem to question the validity of these teachings. The Bible says in Romans 12:2 'Be not conformed to this world', and yet the average Christian, in ignorance, has conformed to this world in almost every area that deals with physical life, and is paying an extremely heavy penalty.

The Christian Community of today is just as sick as non-Christians because we have accepted and practiced the teachings of the "authorities" of this world (government, science, medical, big business and even religion) as truth. As a result, the Christian Community lives in constant violation of almost every fundamental principal of life God established when it comes to the body/temple God gave us and how we should live here on earth. We violate God's principles by what we feed our bodies and minds, and then when they break down, we violate God's principles in how to get well. Yes, sadly, the Christian Community has conformed to the world to which God said 'be not conformed''!

Take an honest look at the world around you and see if what I am saying is not true. Look at the leaders of this world and you will see that these leaders, despite their political or religious philosophies, all have one thing in common: They are sick! Politicians and government leaders are sick! Scientists are sick! Educators are sick! Medical doctors are sick! Business leaders are sick! Economists are sick! Even pastors, evangelists and missionaries are sick! All manifest every sort of physical problem and are dying premature deaths as a result of these sicknesses. How can we expect to have a healthy world when all our leaders, the very ones we look to for guidance in what to eat and how to take care of illness, are sick also? It is like the blind leading the blind.

Based on my personal experiences of living over 60 years, my conviction is that the two most important things we must learn in this life are: (1) How to nourish and properly care for this body / temple while here on planet earth, and (2) How to be properly prepared for the next life when this one has come to an end! It was not until the age of 23, after attending church for most of my life, that I learned I must personally prepare for the life to come by receiving Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And it wasn't until I was 42 years of age that I learned how to take care of my body / temple and control my physical health while here on earth.

One of the most thrilling things I ever learned was how to be healthy. For over 40 years I was in ignorance as to what I should eat and how I should live. I was thrilled at the age of 42 to realize I could control my health simply by how I lived and what I ate. How sad that it took me until I was 42 years old and experiencing a potentially life-threatening physical problem before I learned I could eliminate sickness and live free of disease if I would but simply obey God's Natural Laws concerning my body/temple.

It was 1976, at age 42, that the doctor told me I had colon cancer. I had just watched my mother die a slow, torturous death after her colon cancer was treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Rather than subjecting my body to the medical treatments that contributed to my mother's death, I sought an alternative. 

An evangelist from Texas named Lestor Roloff advised me to simply change my diet to raw fruits and vegetables, with lots of freshly-extracted carrot juice. It sounded too simple, but I made this change, and almost immediately started to get well. After one year on a diet of nothing but raw fruits and vegetables, not only was my colon cancer healed, but so was every other physical problem. This included high blood pressure, severe sinus and allergy problems, hemorrhoids, fatigue, hypoglycemia, pimples and even body odor and dandruff! After that full year on a totally raw diet, I have since maintained a diet of about 85 percent raw fruits and vegetables for the past 18 years. On this diet, I have not suffered any sickness, not even a cold or sore throat. I haven't been to a doctor or even taken an aspirin in 18 years! And there are many others who have converted to this diet with similar results.

God's Natural Laws are so simple that when the true nature of disease is understood, sickness is no longer a mystery. It is so thrilling to know that health can almost always be restored without drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and that physical problems can almost always be eliminated by simply applying God's Natural Laws. If we experience sickness or disease, along with the resulting misery and suffering and financial cost, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. This is called personal accountability, something we shy away from in this present day, in which we want to blame someone or something else for all our problems.

After reading my books and other literature or listening to my seminars on health and nutrition, many people are adopting the diet of primarily raw foods that we teach here at Hallelujah Acres. The results are that multitudes have found almost every physical problem they were experiencing to simply disappear... from headaches and stomach disorders to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Most of these were people who had applied the diet and healing methods of this world for years and some were even given up by doctors as terminal. Yet when they changed their diet and lifestyle they almost always get well, usually within a few short months. 

With the diet God intended for mankind, our bodies can become immune to almost all disease and we can look forward to a healthy life well past 100 years, free of disease and sickness as well as mental and emotional problems.

If we would but return to God's ways of nourishing the body, we could practically eliminate sickness from the face of the earth and man would die only of accidents or old age at about 120 years (Genesis 6:3). You see, when we cook our food, we destroy its nutritional value, and we force the organs of our body to work overtime to remove the toxic residue, which tires the body, produces illness, and shortens human life to only a fraction of what God intended.

Addiction to cooked food begins shortly after birth when mother tries to force cooked food (usually cereal) into the mouth of the young child. The child detests the taste of this cooked food and usually will attempt to reject this dead food by spitting it out. But, in ignorance, the mother will continue to force that cooked food into the baby's mouth until accepted (thinking this is nourishment the baby must have to grow and be healthy)... and thus the cooked food addiction begins. 

This cooked food often produces crying by the baby as this unnatural food causes organs to be taxed to their limit trying to get rid of these toxic substances. Cooked food causes colic, restless nights, stomach ailments, fevers, rashes, swollen tonsils and glands and more as that tiny baby's body reacts to this unnatural food substance its DNA was never encoded to receive. One of the most cruel injustices we commit as parents is when we place cooked (pasteurized) milk, cooked cereal and cooked baby foods into the beautiful living body of little children designed by God to be nourished only with raw, living foods!

Today, most people accept cooked food as the normal means of supplying the body with nutrients, not realizing that the living cells of our bodies do not take nourishment from the dead and artificial ingredients found in cooked food. And so, after a typical meal of cooked meat, cooked potatoes, a cooked vegetable and a piece of cooked bread, followed by a cooked sugar desert, their stomach is full and they think they have satisfied the nutritional needs of their body. In reality, they have given their body practically no nourishment. And thus with a full stomach, they are slowly starving their body's cells.

Take the bread in that meal as an example. The miller takes the living grain of wheat and removes the outer shell called the bran (fiber) and it is either thrown away or sold in a health food store. Then he removes the germ (which contains all the nutrients) because it gums up his machinery. The germ also is often sold in a health food store. Then he takes what is left, which is called the endosperm, and grinds it into fine powder. But this powder is not pure white, so he bleaches it, often with a bleaching agent similar to Clorox. Now the flour is ready for the rest of the ingredients and baking... but it contains zero fiber and zero nutrition! 

Knowing the public will not buy a product that does not have at least some nutritive values posted on its wrapper, the bread maker puts into this dead, fiberless, nutritionally-void substance, some artificial, coal-tar derived, vitamins and minerals which have been known to cause cancer. Now he can label it "enriched" and pass it on to the unsuspecting public as something that is supposed to be good food. Yet there is still no fiber and no real nutrition! And it is this type of so-called food, we put into our beautiful body / temples that God created to be nourished only by living food. And I haven't even mentioned the other poisons added to that loaf of bread... sugar, salt, dough conditioners, preservatives, etc.

Then there are those who realize the miller has taken all of the goodness out of the flour, so they mill their own flour from organic wheat and other grains, thus believing they are leaving in the nutrients. They don't realize that when they bake that bread, the heat destroys almost all nutrients. Certainly, this is less harmful than the commercial product, but just as dead.

Without realizing it, man has stepped into the arena in defiance of God and changed natural raw food made by God into a man-made, artificial, non-living, processed product we call "food." Look at animals in nature and you will see they too have heart, lungs, kidneys, blood, flesh, bones, brain and so on, yet they are properly nourished and thrive on simple, raw foods provided by nature. The cow, horse and elephant eat grass or leaf and turn that raw material into everything they need to build and maintain a healthy, strong body. Yet man thinks he must improve on the way God made raw food.

All food, as found in nature is RAW, and consists of the same basic three elements: (1) naturally distilled water, (2) roughage or fiber, and (3) nutrients. The purest water known to man is found in raw fruits and vegetables, and water constitutes approximately 70% of our body. Roughage is necessary to keep the colon clean and functioning properly, while the lack of it causes constipation. Nutrients make up the smallest part of plant life, but when received into our body in raw natural form provide all we need to be properly nourished. This is just as true in man as with the rest of the animal kingdom.

All edible raw plants consist of almost the same elements, differing only in proportions, color, and taste. All plant and animal life is but an ongoing exchange and circulation of atoms. The seed sprouts, sends forth a shoot, develops branches and leaves and ultimately bears the fruit (or vegetable). Then it is consumed by an animal or man and becomes skin, heart, liver, blood, etc., which eventually returns to the ground. It is an ongoing cycle that is repeated over and over again and has been since creation. But for this cycle to be complete and function properly, things must be in a raw, living form.

A scientist tries to analyze the nutrients, and tells us how many milligrams of each vitamin we need or how many grams of protein we need daily to be properly nourished. Then he takes these nutrients out of the natural foods or concocts similar nutrients artificially and sells them to us as vitamin, mineral or protein supplements. Then he tells us we need to take these manufactured, unnatural products in order to be properly nourished.

The difference between natural, raw foods versus cooked, processed foods and synthetic vitamins is the very difference between life and death. Raw foods are alive. Cooked, processed foods and synthetic vitamins are dead. But nowhere in any government nutrition table is there a distinction made between live and dead foods or nutrients. Man cannot create life in a laboratory so scientists, nutritionists and medical doctors ignore the difference between food that is alive and food that is dead. The nonsense these scientists, nutritionists and medical doctors are presenting as fact is an absurdity. We must turn away from their foolish pronouncements and turn back to God and return Back to the Garden where God first placed mankind so we can learn how to be properly nourished and live in health as God intended.

Take a look at the physical condition and health of the animals in the wild, feeding on natural raw nutrients as provided by God. Then look at the physical condition and health of man trying to live on tampered and altered food, and you tell me who is the smartest and who has the most common sense... the donkey who eats the raw grass or the man who eats cooked, artificial, poisoned foods and synthetic vitamin, mineral and protein supplements. 

Man is foolish to cast doubt on God's eternal wisdom. Every step man takes away from providing the human body with nutrition in its natural, living form is a step toward disease and an early grave.

What Hallelujah Acres teaches is a radical, yet simple change in the way mankind nourishes the body. This change, if adopted by all, would practically eliminate sickness from the earth. What we are teaching here at Hallelujah Acres is of such great humanitarian importance that it should be given immediate attention by political and religious leaders. If after basic and simple experiments, what I am proposing proves to be true, then all teachings to the contrary must be abandoned and this information must be made available to all mankind. If on the other hand, what I am teaching proves to be false... then it must be proclaimed that George Malkmus and Hallelujah Acres are wrong and our teachings are heretical.

Here is what I propose: After removing the drugs, place all the patients from just one hospital on the Hallelujah Diet for 90 days and compare the results with that of another hospital with an equal number of patients, using drugs and cooked food. Do the same thing in a mental institution and a jail. If those in authority would allow this to be done, and the results made public on the evening news, it would change the world in a very short time. This type of experiment could become a reality some day if our political and medical leaders sincerely wanted to help mankind, rather than to merely protect their political office and financial interests.

It is so sad that the only studies the medical establishment wants to conduct are those based on cooked food, drugs, radiation and surgery to deal with disease. Why do they hesitate to use raw food in their testing? Why do they then say there is not sufficient evidence of any benefit from a raw food diet, when they are the ones who refuse to conduct any tests! And they reject all independent research. Could it be that those who make tremendous profit from sickness know that if verifiable tests were conducted and this information made public, they would be out of business?

If what we teach here at Hallelujah Acres proves to be true, as it already has proven to be true to myself and the multitudes of raw eaters around the world who have experienced the removal of all sickness by simply applying what we teach, then it must be given the very highest priority by all who have the means of disseminating this information to enlighten those who are killing themselves in ignorance.

God made no mistakes when He created this universe, planet earth, nature and man. He did not fail to provide man with everything he needed to be properly nourished so we could experience perfect health. It is man who has attempted to improve on what God made. It is man who has taken the natural food as served up to him by nature to meet our total nutritional requirements and corrupted these natural foods. It is man who has doubted God's wisdom and provision and replaced it with his own folly. It is man who has corrupted God's ways, and it is man who is paying a very heavy penalty for the changes he has made.

What can you and I do to turn things around? First, if we have already experienced the benefits of raw eating in our own lives, we must share this information and our own personal testimonies with others. his. If you know these truths and yet have not been living this way, why not adopt this diet so that you can be an example to others. If you have not yet tried this way of eating, I challenge you to try it for 90 days. And then, let's all catch the vision of a world without sickness and do what we can to make it happen. 

May Yahweh help each of us as we seek to bring this world back to Him who created it all and Back to the Garden where man's life on earth began!